I’ve been a private tutor for over 26 years. I graduated from Northwestern University with Honors in English in 1993. Over the decades, I’ve found that academic success is built on emotional competencies, not just intellectual mastery.  Many students struggle with everything from organization, time management, stress, and procrastination, to deeper issues like worthiness, self-image, and self-esteem. As a result, I’ve become not just an academic tutor, but also an academic coach and life coach for teens and parents.

I’m a graduate of two of the most highly respected coaching schools— the Coaches Training Institute and The Center for Right Relationship, which are both International Coaching Federation accredited. I’m also a certified practitioner of Internal Family Systems, a cutting-edge approach to self-transformation that helps unlock the power of the core, authentic Self.

My passion for personal growth is contagious. In my work, I draw upon not only 26 years of tutoring experience, but 3,000+ hours of my own inner work as well.

Being human is a humbling adventure. I find it a privilege to share the learning journey with my students, wherever it leads. I do my best to share my vulnerabilities and show up authentically, with as much presence, curiosity and positivity as possible. For more information about my coaching practice for teens, adults and couples, I invite you to visit my coaching website: athousandpaths.com.